Advanced Fee Scam – Pay Export Taxes

There are supposed “sellers” everywhere advertising this procedure.

Look here >>–everything.html

There are several scams that are behind the reason these “sellers” are asking for “blocked funds” AKA – Advanced Fee Scam – Pay Export Taxes. There are probably more but here are two that have been identified:

Advanced Fee Scam – Pay Export Taxes Procedure 1

The actual goal of the “seller” is to convince you to pay the “export taxes” or some other partial cash payment. The story told is that you have to send your MT799, 999 etc, to their “financier” who lives in another country. (The real reason is because African banks don’t accept SWIFT and offer no trade platforms either) The supposed financier will then send money to the seller to back the CIF transaction. BUT the financier will not pay for the taxes (or some other made up fee) so you as the buyer must cover those fees. Des this Advanced Fee Scam – Pay Export Taxes Procedure Sound reasonable? after all you are only going to pay a tiny amount so it sounds like a great deal – I mean after all you are going to make a great profit right.. You wouldn’t think you would fall for paying any upfront fees, but the profit seems so high, many do.

Advanced fee Scam- Pay Export Taxes Procedure 2

The “financier” has a trade program lined up that will use your SWIFT for trade purposes! and all the while they are making excuses, they are profiting from your blocked funds and you have no idea why they are not sending you the gold… just delaying and telling you to send another SWIFT to a different bank blah blah so they can do the same thing again! After all those funds are blocked “in the name of the seller” – but the seller is not who you are actually blocking the funds for !!!!

Advanced fee Scam- Pay Export Taxes Procedure – reasonable?

You have to think about this logically – is the Advanced fee Scam- Pay Export Taxes Procedure – reasonable? No one will send millions of dollars of REAL product to you based upon a POF. An MT799 is only a Proof of Funds. They are worthless and meaningless. No seller will ever send gold based upon a MT799.

No Seller will send gold CIF to a third party buyer, when they can simply send the gold CIF to any refinery in the world and get 1-2% of the world market price.

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